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Helen Steedman

Since the age of 6, dogs have always been in my life. My first dog was a Black Labrador Retriever, called Lady. She ended up jumping the 6ft fence at my dads house, coming home pregnant! Dad made her a beautiful house and outside run for her to have her puppies. When they were old enough to leave Dad found them all very good homes. Lady was a fabulous dog, she allowed us to dress her up and followed us everywhere. When Lady passed away Mum & Dad got Bonnie a Golden Retriever, again a brilliant dog.

When I left home I was able to get my own dog, Beth who was a Border Collie, she was extremely active and loved being out running around and going on long walks. When Beth was about 2 we decided to get another dog, Tara a Bernese Mountain Dog, what a beautiful gentle giant. Beth & Tara were best mates, Beth was very active and Tara was happy to trot along side you. Tara became ill at the age of 10 and sadly had to be put to sleep, Beth aged 13, old aged crept in fast and also sadly had to be put to sleep.

In April 2013 Star came along a beautiful German Shepard or “Bear” as we call her came into the family. This is where I came into contact with Pauline. This is where I fell in love with the work which she does with the dogs and owners helping them with behavioural issues or helping them re-home the dogs if they become unable to look after them.

In May 2014, we took on Cassie through Helping Dog Paws, a Blue Merle Border Collie, she had, had a bad start in life but loves her bed and affection she now receives.

Then in 2015 we took on Missy a 2 year old Border Collie again through Helping Dog Paws. She is now being trained by my 6 year old daughter, Mia for agility and will hopefully one day compete with her.

The work which Helping Dog Paws do for dogs which require re-homing or the owners who may need some help is really rewarding. It’s great to be involved in such a fantastic cause and work alongside fabulous people. My passion has always to work with dogs and it’s great to have this as part of my life.

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