Pauline Sharpe

Founder of Helping Dog Paws - Chairman

Pauline Sharpe

I have had dogs all my life, as a child these were usually Heinz 57’s, as they were affectionately called. Dogs in my childhood were often left to roam the streets and puppies were everywhere, so any dogs we had were given rather than bought. Spaying was unheard of and disease in dogs was rife. Nothing like the world of dogs today.

My love affair with dog training started back in 1986 when I attended my first ever training class with my two young puppies a Springer Spaniel, Dusty and a very nervous Border Collie, Candy. I have been involved ever since, starting in Sheffield and latterly in North Lincolnshire . Bob and I own 10 dogs, 8 Border Collies, two of whom are rescues, a Golden Retriever, and a cross Jack Russell X Rottweiller, both rescue dogs.

I have been a trainer of Pet Obedience for over 10 years, and am a qualified Behaviourist/Psychologist. I have also been heavily involved in the re-homing and rehabilitation of rescue dogs including dogs that need new homes due to change of owner’s circumstances. In 2011 I found homes for 37 dogs all of whom are doing extremely well.

There is nothing more rewarding than to see a dog who has been written off as too aggressive, untrainable, too boistrous etc., working through their problems to become a dog that proves the doubters wrong. Everyday these dogs thank the owners that gave them a second chance.

To say I am passionate about dogs is an understatement, as is my involvement in training of all breeds and ages. I have found my job extremely gratifying and there is no greater satisfaction than when a nervous dog appears at a training class to see it blossom into a confident happy dog after a few weeks.

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